Establish your own style.
Since you born as a man, you always keep exploring to chase your own style.

For some, their masculine style is centered in fashion. All men have their own stlyle. There are stylish men, wild men, and also men who still have playfulness.
No matter the approach, all are connected in that they come together as styles by the unique impression and are they project into the world. This masculine presence is very difficult to capture in language, and there is no definitive answer or absolute rule. This is because the vibe of any style is not discerned with the eyes, but is rather experienced as a whole.
There are various factors that establish a person’s comportment. Masculine presence develops with every event in a man’s life. That which he sees. That which he hears. That which he touches. Everything you feel is imparted in your style.
To put it another way, if you were a sapling, the water you are given, the sunlight you are exposed to, the soil you take root in, are all interconnected factors that subtly influence the tree that you are becoming.
"DROP" is one "drop" to help you establish your own style. And this drop of DROP will become a part of your style, and also help you reach you to be an ideal man. Even as the times and your age change.